What is the Best Optsee® Project Portfolio Management Tool for me?

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Optsee® has been developed to provide predictive project portfolio management for businesses with different strategies and goals. Each Optsee® application (Basic, Plus, and Pro) builds upon the feature set of the previous version, i.e. Optsee® Pro includes all the features of Optsee® Basic and Optsee® Plus, and Optsee® Plus includes all the features of Optsee® Basic.

All Optsee® applications are built on a fast and powerful database engine that can handle millions of projects and allows you to drill-down into your data using user-friendly queries and sorts. Optsee® charts are designed specifically for project portfolio management, and the charts are easy to create using pop-up menus on forms. Each chart type is highly customizable, and you can save your own default chart parameter settings. Most charts have an exclusive “Zoom-Box” control that let’s you easily zoom-in on specific areas in your charts.

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Optsee® Basic: Optsee® Basic is perfect for project portfolio managers who want a powerful, easy-to-use, quantitative tool for doing project ranking and project prioritization.

Optsee® Basic gives you a powerful built-in system for prioritizing your projects using the SMART (Simple Multi-Attribute Ranking Technique) developed by researchers from MIT, Harvard, and the University of Southern California. Optsee® Basic also includes 2D and 3D bubble charts displays, project ranking charts, bar charts, sensitivity analyses charts, and efficient frontier charts for comparing portfolios. In addition, Optsee® Basic includes a project portfolio dashboard for comparing up to three different portfolio charts simultaneously.

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Optsee® Plus: Optsee® Plus adds an easy-to-use project portfolio optimizer for project portfolio managers who want to be able to quickly determine the best portfolio for a given set of constraints, such as limited capital, resources, and risk tolerance, in small portfolios (fewer than 35 projects). Optsee® Plus also includes the capability to assign uncertainty ranges to project attribute values and view the uncertainty in Optsee® charts.

Project portfolio optimization is important because, for example, when you have a 32 projects, there are over 4 billion potential portfolios (subsets of projects) to choose from. So how do you choose the best portfolio when you have limited capital, resources, and want to manage overall risk? The Optsee® Plus optimizer can answer this question for you. All you do is set your constraints using pop-up menus, and then click [Optimize]. In a few moments, you’ll see the best subset of projects based on your constraints. You can set up to 100 constraints for whatever you want. In addition, Optsee® Plus can automatically save the optimized subset of projects as a “Portfolio View” that you can display in your charts and forms in a single click.

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Optsee® Pro: Optsee® Pro brings big-data business analytics to project portfolio management. Optsee® Pro adds predictive portfolio prioritization using Monte Carlo simulations, a Genetic or Evolutionary optimizer for finding optimal and near-optimal portfolios in large project sets, and the capability to track project and portfolio baselines, so you can quickly see the health of each project and project portfolio.

The full-featured optimizers in Optsee® Pro also includes the capability of optimizing against product dependencies, and forcing projects in and out of optimization results. In addition, Optsee® Pro maintains a list of optimizations, so you can easily compare the results of numerous project portfolio optimizations.

Optsee® Pro is for savvy project portfolio managers who want to be able to understand the risk in their projects and portfolios and to predict the most likely outcomes. By tracking project and portfolio baselines, Optsee® Pro also gives project portfolio managers the capability to be alerted when a project or portfolio is off-track.

If you’re just starting in project portfolio management, Optsee® Pro gives you all the features and benefits of Optsee® Plus and Optsee® Basic, but you can begin with basic SMART project ranking and then move up to portfolio optimization, simulation-prioritization, uncertainty and risk tracking, and baseline tracking, all in a single application!

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